Rooster's intestines fell out?


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Jun 4, 2011
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This happened about 2 years ago, but since I discovered this forum I thought maybe some people could give me some advice.

I had a white rooster and some hens(RIR and white) I had bought them from tractor supply. Well when my rooster hit sexual maturity we noticed one day that his intestines(or something) was hanging out of his back end!!! We saw some blood on one hen's back and thought maybe he tried to breed and something happened. No predators so that couldn’t be the problem. He was walking around and eating fine, but later that day he started to smell like rotting flesh and we didn't want him to suffer so we put him down.

Has anybody ever seen this? After talking with people I herd that sometimes there is a genetic condition that makes this happen?


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Jul 31, 2008
without seeing pics and more information its hard to tell...

if there was an issue where others were pecking his vent it would have caused that. sometimes chickens will peck and as soon as they see blood thats it.. it becomes a free for all.

a while ago (5+years) I think it was discovery channel. they ran a program about chickens and it showed what happens when pecking does not stop and the hens literally pecked this poor chicken to death and they started with the vent area and the intestines were literally falling out. I cant remember what they said was the cause.


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Apr 2, 2010
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Sounds like a prolapsed vent that became necrotic (the rotting smell was actually dead tissue rotting). This is more common in hens because they are straining to push eggs out through their vents while roosters really only have to deal with their man bits and droppings, but it can happen in males too. It has nothing to do with them coming from tractor supply or any hatchery, it's just a freak accident. There's not really anything you could have done to prevent it.


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Dec 16, 2008
I doubt it was because of coming from TSC since they just order from the hatcheries. I never heard of a roo having a prolapse but I am sure it is possible. If it ever happens again to another bird just gently push everything back in and then slap a little prep H on it to help with swelling.

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