Roosters Looking For A Home

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    Jan 27, 2011
    I have several roosters looking for new homes in northern CA, about 40 min from San Fran. Won't ship, pickup only, but i am giving them away to a good home.

    I have:

    1 3 y/o GLW X - he's a "you leave me alone, I'll leave you alone" kinda rooster, doesn't really bother anyone. Very proven, lots of chicks from him! All the others are sons of him.

    1 3 month old Golden Comet X GLWx, This little guy can be super sweet, and then he can be super mean and bite at legs. He needs someone who is used to dealing with roosters like him and won't turn him into dinner! Just today he attacked my pants, i grabbed him, and he fell asleep on his back in my arms... He really is sweet under all that mean!

    1 1 month old GC X GLWx. SUPER sweet, wants to be held constantly, follows me around.

    3 1 month old Polish X GLWxs, all very sweet, looking for new homes.

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