Roosters, NC NEEDING gone BY THE 18th!

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    Sep 3, 2013
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    Below are breeds and birds I have listed for sale. I'm needing them gone by October 18th. I had a few other birds for sale but those are already taken. sorry its such a small list!

    Because of me needing them gone by the 16th, I am negotiable. ive been looking for homes for these birds since june and have had no luck. I may have to send them to a farm, or back to my breeder If no one is able to adopt them and give them a nice place. I hatched the 2 roosters in july and originally got 5 roosters of 7 total was crazy. as much as I would love keeping these guys, I don't have enough room for them.

    if your interested in any birds please contact me by PMing me, emailing at [email protected] or texting. (PM me for my number)

    I live right outside of Raleigh in FV.

    all of these birds are negotiable in prices. please let me know if interested

    I will also TRADE! looking for chicken decor/decorations

    ***Please PM for questions***
    I have attached pictures of the roosters.

    Roosters: $10 each
    -2 white Japanese bantam silkie cross roosters (4 months)
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