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    Feb 28, 2009
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    I have two roosters who seem to be losing feathers on their necks. I wonder if this is from picking at each other. One is a Delaware and the other is a bantam friz. I do have a CM roo but he stays w/ his girls. Also CMs they came together as chicks.
    Anyhow they are all kept in the same coop. I never see them fighting except for the occasional knocking each othe off a hen now and then. I never see them go at it.
    I also notice that some of the Del hens I purchased as adults have naked butts. Noticebly visible. None of the other hens I have seem to have this. All are laying.
    These roo's are not "naked necks". Why would they lose feathers around the neck? It's just in the front.
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    For the naked butts, I'd check for mites.
    My roo's neck is pretty bare right now. He's molting.

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