Roosters neck is red...


Jul 22, 2018
Southeast Ohio
I have an English Orpington rooster. He molted in the fall/early winter.
Since his molt, a section of his feathers on his neck have just not grown back.
It is a strip about 1-2 inches wide and goes down the front-right side of his throat area.
I can see little feather "nubs" and what look like a few pin feathers that are about a half inch or so long, but this is the way it has looked for about 3 months now. The feathers just don't seem to be growing at all, and the exposed skin is very red (maybe from always being exposed to the cold?) the skin is not dry at all.
Is this just something to do with molting that will eventually resolve itself? It has been so long I am just worried and want to be sure this is not something I need to do something about.
He is in good health and otherwise and acts normal. They are due for a worming, but other than that, everything is great as far as I know.
What could this be?

This is a thread I found that perfectly explains what is going on with my rooster. Any ideas as to what it could be??
I would say that the red skin indicates an inflammation or extreme irritation. In order to determine precisely what is causing it is going to take some investigating and trial and error treatment.

A list of possible causes of the skin irritation:
-Other flock mates picking at his pin feathers and yanking them out.
-Parasites such as feather mites or lice or coop mites.
-Roosting accommodations being inadequate or maybe he isn't roosting for some reason and he's resting that part of his body on a rough surface.
-Bacteria on his skin

While you are investigating the possible causes, I would get some Vetericyn wound care and spray it on the inflamed skin twice a day to control any possible bacteria that could be the culprit. You also might want to treat with poultry lice/mite powder in case he has bugs doing a number on him.

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