Roosters or Hens


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May 2, 2010
I have been on a few hatchery websites and have seen pictures of what were labeled hens but they had waddles and good sized combs.
I am confused now as to what I have! Tell me what these are please. They are all about 8 weeks old. Sex & breed if you can....thanks!



#3...this one is huge compared to all the others.
I think 1 and 2 are pullets, and 3 is for sure a roo! As for breed, I think 1 is a White Leghorn pullet, 2 is a Red Sex-Link pullet, and 3 (the roo) is a New hampshire Red. Does he crow ever?
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I think #1 could be a White Rock pullet because of the red ears, #2 is either a New Hampshire Red or Red Sex-Link pullet, and #3 is hmmm... probably a NH Red roo.
All 3 are Boys.8 weeks old girl dos not have comb.First and second boys look Golden Sex Links.Red boy probably is Production Red.Did you get them from person or from hatchery?
If they are only 8 weeks old they are most definitely all boys. I've had some roosters wait until 6+ months to crow.... give it time.
We got them all from a farmers market. I thought they may all be boys.
.....anyone want to buy any roosters?

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