roosters pick on one hen


8 Years
Aug 20, 2011
I have a EE that is torn up from mating. The roosters stand in line for her. I have four roosters and 8 hens. I know the ratio is high but have never had a problem before now. I will be getting rid of at least two roosters very soon. She is torn up bad enough where the skin is peeled back under her left wing. Have any of you had this before and what did you do?
yikes! Give her a break, if they have peeled her skin she needs to be taken away from them. When she is on the mend you can get her a saddle, its just a piece of fabric that the roos grab on to so they don't grab on to her.
Gang breeding happens with too many roos. Happened in my flock before!

It would be best to separate her and let her heal- or make a bachelor pen for all the boys now to give the girl a break. If the other hens are pecking at her sore spot the hen does need to have her own cage for awhile though.
She has been separated and I ordered saddles a few days ago. When she is reintroduced will this continue to happen?
My guess is that you will need to make a bachelor pen for the boys or get rid of some of them. All the saddle will do is keep the claws of the roo from further injuring the hen's skin/feathers in that spot where the saddle covers. Gang breeding can kill hens from internal injuries (being squished to death, in other words).

I hope it all works out for you!
see post #7 if you will
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