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    Oct 25, 2007
    I have lots of roosters for sale pick up only, or trade for ?? Spiro, OK just west of Ft Smith Ar.
    12 welsummer roosters $3.50 each or $30.00 buy all 12
    2 buff orpington roosters $3.50 each
    1 black Andalusian rooster $3.50
    2 wheaten marans roosters ( Davis line) $10.00 each or both for $16.00
    1 black sex link rooster $3.50
    1 black ee rooster from pure ameraucana birds but showing cream color in hackle feathers $3.50
    6 blue laced red wyandotte roosters in blue and splash= ( 2 are Barber line $10.00 each, 2 are Braden line $8.00 each ((2 are with bum leg $3.50 each DH pushed pen over on them with lawn mower they walk with a limp)) or buy all 6 for $40.00
    Best deal buy all 26 roosters for $100.00
    also available chicks in welsummer , golden lakenvelder, a 3 mixed.

    Willing to trade I'm looking for 2 or 3 bantam hens or started pullets Cochin or oeg any color. I'd trade 2 or 3 of any of the above for your 2 or 3 hens or tell me what your interested in. I'm open for offers.
    Also interested in Jumbo Brown Coturnix quail ready to dress. trade equal in value from the above list.
    PM me with any questions or offers.
    Pick up only no shipping.
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