Roosters/Roos and Guinea Fowl.

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    We have mixed chicken breeds along with 6 guinea fowl. They are all roughly 6 months- 8 months old. Well we have two roosters (or roo's I am still not sure what the difference is). The rooster/roos are Japanese Bantams and are very well behaved (So far) the problem we have is with the Guinea fowl. One I have been kicking them (Guinea fowl) out of the run every morning because they are supposed to be roaming birds and they can fly. Well the two roosters can fly up over 6 feet to the top of the fence or just strait over it. They fly down to the ground and go and get the Guinea fowl and bring them right back. We are also experiencing our Guinea fowl picking on 3 of our Americana's. They do this only to the Americana's they did try to pick on the cochin but she thumped one right on the head with her big beak and ended that. Sasha out black tail white Japanese Bantam is a spit fire and dosnt take any guff from the Guinea fowl and can only be “bossed” by the roosters.

    Well this is getting long, does anyone have any ideas on dealing with these fowl and with our roosters chasing after them.

    I must say it is odd to see a chicken flying and by flying I do mean flying our Japanese Bantams have flown up and over bushes and can get about 12-14 feet in the air and cover a good 30 feet. The bantams are the only ones that can do this and the first time I saw Sasha do it I was like “What the heck is that chicken flying?”
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    To answer on the roosters/roos - they are the same word. "Roo" is just short for "Rooster" and many people use it to save time on typing.

    Bantams often can fly quite well as they are not as heavy-bodied as their large fowl counterparts.

    I'm not sure I'm qualified to give advice regarding the guineas, however. I raised some guineas with chicks this spring and congratulated myself on how well they fit in with the flock - everyone seemed to get along just great. Then one day I looked up to see the entire flock of 13 guineas, chasing my poor old rooster. Never mind he was three times the size of any one guinea - when they ganged up, they had him running. They would grab him by the wing and as he ran, he'd be dragging along one to several guineas as well. As this was in July, I became concerned about him succumbing to heat exhaustion, trying to outrun them - all day long - so I placed an ad on CL for the guineas and had three people willing to come and get them immediately. No haggling on price either. I sold them for twice what I had paid for them as chicks, which means I probably about broke even considering the price of gamebird feed these days. Anyway, that's my experience for you - take from it what you will....

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