Roosters spur curling into his leg

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    I would like to know if anyone has encoutered a rooster who has a nail like protrusion just below his spur? Our boy has this and it has curled around and is going into his leg. I need to do something now to prevent damage to his leg. I can see it is just starting to put pressure on his leg. My camera battery is dead but will try to get a picture on line. My question is....can I cut this "hangnail" or will it start bleeding? I know it will need to be cut or sanded, I just don't know to what length I can cut or sand without causing hurt or bleeding. Thank you
  2. I regularly trim my roosters spurs with a dremel and a cutting attachment. The speed and heat of the dremel helps to cauterize the cut therefore eliminating any blood

    Hope this helps
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    At least for now take the tip off so that it doesn't continue growing into his leg. You can trim it off little by little and have some "quick stop" on hand in case you've gone too far. I've never removed a nail on a chicken but I guess it would be much the same as a dog.

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