Rooster's spurs - should they be removed?


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Apr 28, 2008
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My three Orpington hens have a wide swath across their backs where there are no feathers whatsoever, just bare skin. My one-year-old rooster, their brother, now has spurs that are over one-inch long. Is it because of the spurs that they're down to the skin now?
This rooster is aggressive towards Anne and me no matter what I do, kick fighting him, carrying him upside down, chasing him, etc.; he just keeps challenging me and trying to spur me.
I hate the thought of cutting his spurs off because the day may come when he will have to defend a hen or himself from a predator mammal or hawk. So far his aggression has been manageable, but I'm wondering how long those spurs are going to get and if they are dangerous if he ever lucks out and plants them in me or my wife, Anne.
Should they be removed?

EDIT: BTW, if I do remove them, will they grow back? If so, how soon will they have to be removed again?
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I wouldn't really think that the spurs would be too much of an issue as the hens are concerned....the missing feathers is probably just more from the wear and tear of his feet in general rather than the spurs doing anything.
My Roo is a little over a year old now and his spurs are about 2-3 inches long. They are definately formidable, but he has yet to ever try using them on me or my family. I wouldn't cut them off unless you absolutely need to, that would take away one of the defenses he has for defending his girls.

The bare spots on the back can be easily healed with the use of "chicken saddles". Some of the peeps on here sell them so I would look around.

Good luck, hope everything works out for you!
I have three "truly terrifically well-made" saddles that I bought from BYC member Moodene, but I haven't figured out how to put them on. I also don't know how long to leave them on before removing, ... actually, now that I have the saddles, I realize that I know nothing about them or how to use them.
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