Roosters that arent usually aggressive, now a little aggressive?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by SecretHavenFarm, Jul 7, 2010.

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    The other day I was walking out of my run, and my blue splash silkie rooster hit my foot. I turned to look at him and thought he must have been trying to go out, because they always try to follow me out the door. But then I closed the door and he was still there so I put my toe up to his face and he tried to bite it. Another rooster I have did the same thing this morning. These guys have never done this before. They are silkies, I thought they were supposed to be nice. Could it be because alot of their hens are sitting so there groups a lot smaller? My two dominate roosters dont do this. If they keep it up they are outta here. But I dont want to get rid of them if it just something that may pass. What should I do if they do it again? The one this morning I scooped with foot and tossed and he stayed away.

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    Well, not all roosters, but alot, as they mature, will become more aggressive. Their male hormones kick in, and they get more protective of the hens, and can become mean. Unfortunately, it's just natural for this to happen with roosters.
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    Pick him up and hold him, no matter how much he bites just keep holding him. If he doesn't calm down, you could always get aggressive with him and make him submit. If he doesn't change then- cull. It is really a individual thing, any breed can be aggressive for a number of reasons. Genetics from poor breeding (common from hatchery stock), mistreated, scared, or it could be a dominance thing.


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