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  1. pissedinSV

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    Oct 8, 2012
    I need help and I have nowhere else to turn. you all seem pretty knowledgeable so I figure I will ask you. I live in Spring Valley and the people behind me have a ROOSTER. he starts at about 0330 and goes till about 0900. I also hear him in the evening. Is this allowed? I have called the sheriff and animal control, they both brush it off on the other. I don't care that they have it I just don't what to hear it. i have gone over and tried to speak to them, they to blow me off. Please can someone give me a direction to go in.
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    Jun 12, 2010
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    3:30 is very early ! sounds like they have lights on in their coop, or is he loose? I dont have a good answer to help you, maybe someone else will know .
  3. Carin

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    Oct 16, 2011
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    Roosters will crow any hour of the day or night. If something disturbs them, if they hear something. Even a change in the weather will let them crow. If the crowing bothers you and you talked to your neighbours and they didn't at least acknowledge that there is a problem I would start by putting the complaint on paper and lay a formal complaint at the town council about the noise; not the rooster as such.
    I live in town and own two roosters and they often crow any time of the day or night. My neighbours do not mind and know that they are to tell me if it is a problem. (In our area it is hot and humid and most houses have A/C in the bedrooms and you do not hear any other outside noises)

    I do think it is inconsiderate to keep a rooster and not at least do something about the crowing especially if your neighbour had the courtesy to talk to you directly and tell you there is a noise problem. It gives all chicken owners a bad name.
    I hope you get a solution to your problem.
  4. bnewns

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    Apr 18, 2012
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    I personally will not keep any rooster that starts crowing earlier than 5:30 am in the morning, regardless of how much I might like him. A crowing rooster at 3:30am is the same as a barking dog.
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    Do you actually live in town or is a semi-rural area. If you live in town, I agree with bnewns, and I would treat it just as you would if your neighbor's dog was barking at 3 am. It's people like that who make it hard for all of us to keep chickens in town. [​IMG]

    If you live in a semi rural area, you're probably going to have to put up with it. You may just get so you don't really hear it at all once you get used to it.

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    Jun 13, 2012
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    Ear plugs [​IMG]
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    If you live in a town/city with a ordinance prohibiting roosters or with a noise/nuisance ordinance, you should be able to report the violation since it is keeping you from sleep. You might want to speak to someone at your local city in the planning and zoning department (that has direct knowledge of the ordinances). If, however, you live in a town which permits roosters or in a more rural area with no ordinance against roosters you haven't much recourse. I agree with the above posters that a rooster crowing before 5:30 isn't acceptable (with folks in close proximity). Out of courtesy to our neighbor, we bring our roosters into the utility room each morning at 5:00 AM. They hop onto a perch and crow away! We enjoy the crowing (and are early risers) but understand that not everyone does. You might ask them if they would provide a place in their garage or (large dog crate) indoors for the rooster overnight.

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