Roosters Wanted: White Cornish LF & Bantam, Marsh Daisy, Rose Comb Danish Brown Leghorn, White Rock

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  1. JennieRD

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    I am looking for several roosters, I will trade or buy for a decent price. No CULLS Please!

    I am looking for the following roosters, please no chicks. young birds or mature adults preferred up to 4 years old.

    White Cornish LF or Bantam, Marsh Daisy, Rose Comb Danish Brown Leghorn, White Rocks, Black Feather Legged Marans (No Black Copper Marans).

    I will pick up in Louisiana anywhere in with in 100 miles of Calcasieu Parish (Cameron, Beaureguard, or Jeff Davis Parish.) or pay shipping from anywhere else as long as the weather is not too bad, too hot! The birds well being is more important. Please message me with photos should you have any you need to rehome at a reasonable price and we can negotiate the exchange.
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    Jul 14, 2009
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    I hatched 5 lf white cornish this spring from two diffrent bloodlies/breeders. At this point of these 5 I think 3 will be roosters. I don't know of you realize just how hard these are to locate,let alone to even buy any.I maybe able to part with one of the 3 young lf white cornish roosters once they mature some more and sexing is 100% but my original intention was to trade the extra roos for lf white cornish hens.Getting a sizeable number of this breed for a good sized flock is very,very hard as the hens don't lay an over abundance of eggs(some say maybe 150 per year) and they love to go broody. There are several fb groups about cornish chickens,,both lf and bantams but most of those raise for showing and they are not cheep and very hard to get breeders to let go of just because getting a sizeable sized flock of them is very difficult and many cornish have been mixed with other breeds now.
  3. JennieRD

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    Yes I am very interested! Please pm me with and details and I do know how hard it it's I've been on a search for 3 years now
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    Feb 1, 2011
    I hope you find everything your looking for.

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