Roosters? ... what breed?


8 Years
Apr 11, 2011
Northwest Connecticut
We have two of these guys. We think they're roosters because they look totally different than any of the other chicks. But they don't have spurs (they're 6 weeks old).



Anyone know what breed? Exchequer leghorn? Ancona?
They definitely are pretty. And they are the nicest/most friendly/calm of the chickens, which is a little odd. but they are the two that the kids adopted right away because they were the most friendly chicks, the ones that liked to be picked up and held, and the two that were the most adventurous.
It will be fun finding out what they are.

By the way..we have also have two ND goats. The kids(and us) love, love, love them. They are such sweet little things.
They adore attention and neck rubs.
you probably won't notice any spurs for some time if they are at 6 weeks old. i have a young bantam faverolles boy that will be a year old in June and i just noticed that his spurs were starting to finally grow! some breeds do show quicker than other breeds and sometimes the females may have those same bumps that just don't grow like the males!

whatever you have them will probably be mottled in color!

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