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    is not a brand new article, but its a recent story about unwanted roosters. I have a beloved, but unwanted little rooster. Anybody out there who shares my experience? Our little Mr. Meatbird (and his little sister Miss Fryer) have been seeking a good home since October '09. There's usually a "possible", "maybe" home for him in the future which never has worked out.

    He was an accidental little chick. I guess in the long run, we'll have stories to tell because of his intrusion into our lives. I (and sometimes 2 of my sons) love him but its difficult to keep him from hurting his dad, our sweet Silky Roo. Its an awful lot of work.

    Any other BYC'ers putting up with an unwanted roo boy?

  2. jenni2142

    jenni2142 Songster

    Jul 16, 2008
    South Carolina
    I just build more pens. I am up to 6 roosters right now with 2 bantam babies of unknown sex. I wish I could take a few of those poor unwanted babies. There is nothing like being loved by a roo.
  3. Agreed. Who knew? [​IMG]
  4. Manda0227

    Manda0227 Songster

    Mar 30, 2010
    I would have as many roos as I could if I was allowed to in my town. This isn't going to be our permanent forever home, we hope to have a home of our own someday- where I can have Roo's, and whatever else! As of right now, we have a secret roo- and he's loud- but not enough to arouse suspicion! (A gorgeous Serama boy!) I was at first worried about a Roo.. I thought he would be a jerk, and just had one purpose- to mate, and be a jerk. He's fricken awesome. That sums up how I feel about him! I have a bunch of bantams too, and they're at the age where we're starting to see combs and no combs.. I wish I could keep them all, but it's just not gonna happen where I live now! [​IMG] Unless they're mute!
  5. Well, surprises lurk in the craziest places. Our unwanted roo boy is loud. But my immediate neighbors say it's "charming", "old fashioned", "musical" and "neat". They say "keep him, we think its cool!". Of course they can always leave when they go to work, etc., so maybe it doesn't sound so LOUD ALL THE TIME to them.................

    I do love him, but his noise is like Homer Simpson, "all noise, all the time".............

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