8 Years
Apr 22, 2011
ok i am trying to part with 2 of my roosters. i have posted before about it. i have a rooster that does try to get people. i know thats a nono. then i have one that is kinda slow. then i have one that is definitely dominant. will a rooster be constantly chasing hens? all 3 of mine do together. is it because there are 3 of them and they are competing? will that stop if i get rid of 2 of them? i only have 3 hens and 3 roos(by accident). how will one rooster act by himself?
you have 3 hens AND 3 roosters? WAY too many boys...yes, get rid of 2 of them, the last one will step up and take the lead...find the one who does not
act up...your girls will suffer GREATLY with all the roos, and maybe not even lay eggs, the stress will be too much for them.
I will take a rooster if you want to get rid of one or two. I live in minnesota if your alright with shipping him or them.
PM me if your interested!!
I Know Thats Why I Need To Get Rid Of 2. I Just Hate To. Cause I Want Them To Be With Someone That They Can Free Range Most Of The Time. They Are Used To That. And Of Course To Someone That Wont Eat Them Either. I Guess Yall Have Guessed Already I Am Picky About The Chickens.i Cant Help It They Are My Pets And I Love Them. To Me They Are Not Just Chickens. But All Three Together They Wont Leave The Girls Alone. They Run Them Onto The Front Deck All They Time. If The Girls Are In The Yard And The Roos See Them It Starts. I Have To Walk Around With The Girls. Its Really Getting Annoying. I Have To Keep Our Big Pen We Built Them Halved Off Cause They All Three Cant Be With The Girls.
can you put 2 of them in a different area till you find them a home?
The girls are stressed and you won't get any eggs I am afraid, they are running them

I would separate till they can get re-homed.
I Do Seperate Them Most All The Time. Especially In The Coop. They Are Scared Of Them. Every Time They Come Around Them They Run To Me. I Have Been Letting The Boys Out In The Morning For Bout Hour Or Two. Cause They Act Crazy Wild When They First Get Out. So I Leave The Girls In By Their Self For That Time. Then I Let The Girls Out And If The Boys Start Acting Crazy I Have Been Putting Them Up For A While.
I would keep them permanently separated till you find a home...its not fair to the girls to be scared all the time, just let the one rooster you will be keeping out with them.

Hope it works out for you.

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