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    We have 9 chickens total. We have had them since hatching in July 9, 2012. In that we have 2 roosters a Jersey Giant and a light Brama. I am concerned about the stress the hens are getting for two roosters "tag teaming" the hens to mate with them. So far there is no aggression between them. It is ok to have two roosters together is my first question. The second will having the 2 roosters be too much stress for the 7 ladies?

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    The main problem is the overmating. Most people only want one rooster for up to 12 hens. I would try to rehome one of the roosters or get more hens.

    I have two roosters and 26 hens. They are much happier now than last week when I had a total of eight roosters and they "tag teamed" the hens to the point that the hens spent most of their time in hiding. Six very nice roosters went to a new home. I suspect it is cold in their new home, but likely frost-free. [​IMG] It makes me sad and the hens happy. That is why they are gone.

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