6 Years
Jun 24, 2013
Ok my girls are between 15-20 weeks. ...roughly. But I was out there today an noticed spurs on one for sure possibly a 2nd one. My question is could it be possible that they are rooster's that have not crowed at this age? Or do some hens get spurs? They are NOT full blooded and have lived with a rooster for 4 month's and there is a rooster next door crowing, if that helps.
Some hens do get spurs. I have a barred rock hen that has one spur. Do you have any pictures of them? That would really help us tell if they might be roosters.
Yeah I have a hen with full size pointy spurs. Usually rounded saddle feathers are hens, pointy roosters.
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It will be a day or so before I can get some pictures but I will post asap! Thanks for the info I sure didn't want to get rid of them this close to egg laying
The feathers that grow on the back at the base of the tail. Kinda wrap around and down. Like in this pic between the wing and tail. No laughing we all learning.
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Oh I am happy I asked! I have been looking at the tail feathers. They don't all look the same but that's where I have looked. Only 2 of the 5 I have are getting their combs in and just barely. So I thought looking at feathers would help. I will try again in the light of day to see if I can spot differences.

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