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I have been told that even with a small flock (I am raising for the eggs) that you should have one rooster for ever dozen or so hens, just to keep the hens in line. I have four pullets that just started laying and will soon have eight more. Do I need to have roosters or not? I do like the sound of them crowing. If so, what breed of rooster should I get? I will have six different breeds of hens to see which ones I like best.
No, you do not need a rooster. A rooster is needed if you want chicks, as the eggs must be fertilized in order to grow into a baby. A rooster also provides protection for your flock, keeping an eye out for predators and attacking them while the hens run away. He may consider you (and your children) a predator and fly at them--he has spurs and can do some damage. If you are new at keeping chickens and keep them for eggs, I recommend you wait and see for several months. You may want to add a roo just for the fun of it, but there is really no need.
Exactly what trudyg said. Roosters are only needed for your eggs to be fertile. The hens certainly don't need them. They lay happily either way. In fact very randy roosters can overmate your hens, leaving them miserable and stressed.

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