6 Years
Mar 29, 2013
Hello! I am new to the whole chicken scene. My chickens are about 20 weeks old. I thought I had 3 hens. However, my most dominant chicken began crowing (my mixed colored one). I looked up some threads and read that hens may crow if there is no rooster in the flock. The crowing gets fairly loud so I started putting her/him in the garage. Then my all brown/red chicken began to make noises. Afraid that I have two roosters, I looked up some general characteristics (I know I have chicken "mutts") of male chickens. The wattle and combs and the feathering at the neck and tail. Again I think I have two roos and one hen. Please let me know what you think!! Thank you!

You have two roosters and one hen. The brownish one and the white and brown one are roosters, while the mainly white one is a hen.
Yep, two roo, one hen. You'll need to do some flock management or that hen's life will get really, really miserable quite soon once those roosters start mating.

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