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    Ok guys I have a bit of a problem I have 3 rooster that I know of. 1 I bought and is in a cage inside the run so my main rooster can see him everyday and know he is there. I have 1 rooster I hatched about 4 months ago. When can I let the rooster I bought out of the cage, the one I bought and my main rooster still attempt to fight through the cage. Whats gonna happen when I let him out! The rooster I hatched has always ran loss with the main rooster and hens but im worried what will happen once the 4 mth old roo starts crowing? I also have 6 chicks that have hatched what will I do if some of those turn out to be roosters???? I just don't want dead chickens!!!!! Thanks everyone
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    More space as in free ranging usually limits fighting. More hens - like 10 per roo helps too.
    Some breeds and individuals will just fight.
    No matter when you let him out of the cage they will work out the pecking order. If too closely confined it could get nasty.
    Sounds like you will end up with too many roos for the number of hens you have. If that's the case you need to decide which one/s you want most and freeze the rest.
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    Roosters also have a pecking order. One will be dominant. They will fight to be dominant and depends but sometimes they square off to fight and one will back down. If they are not hurting each other then you can leave them to sort it out but if they are then you have to keep them separate. Be careful they are not gang banging your hens or over breeding with them. One will breed and they all try to do likewise and the hen can be hurt. If your chickens backs look bare then they can be in danger of getting slashed by the nails of the roosters. They make chicken aprons or saddles to help prevent loss of feathers.


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