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    I have 7 hens, 5 are of laying age, 2 are not, but almost. It is 51 degrees outside right now and at least 4 of the chickens are roosting outside their coop. (its 11 pm). Some are roosting on some old wooden tomato cages, one is on the ramp, and one is actually on top of the coop itself. They are in a large (uncovered) enclosure, and their coop is inside it and I usually just prop the door open and they go in. We are in a subdivision and have seen no signs of predator problems in the 5 months they have been out there. I do think they need more roost space inside. I know there is enough room for at least 4 chickens and the ones that are actually inside the coop are lowest on the totem pole. I have plans to add more inside roost space but have not ye and it will require boarding up a majority of the coop. Is this normal for them to roost outside? Do they feel safe enough and that is why they are doing it? Is it too cold for them? I guess I will be doing some construction this weekend.
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    Some just need a friendly reminder of where they need to roost for the night. While you may not have seen any signs of predators, they're out there. They could be a neighborhood dog or cat or it could be a rat. It's only a matter of time... To get the gals to go into the coop, you might need to lock them up for a week or two inside and don't let them out in the run! I'd advised to get the additional roost bar up ASAP.
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    If I'd let them, many of my hens would MUCH rather roost in the trees that shade their coop... especially the Icelandic.

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