9 Years
Apr 26, 2010
I'm making ladder roosts for my coop.I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me how high the bottom 1 should be off of the floor and what the distance is between steps.I have it tilted about 22 degree angle so that bottom chickens stay clean.Thanks My ceiling is 8 ft
i'd like to know this too. I am planning my first coop design right now and trying to figure everything out.
I think I went 2' off the floor to start with but the bedding has gotten up high enough for it to be more like 6" at certain times of the year. I put the roosts about 18" to 2' apart because all I have in that coop are standard birds. Though my bantam Cochin kids come in all the time and hop right up to the top without any problem.

See my BYC page for pics. I recommend you use a carriage bolt on the upper ends so you can pivot the whole ladder up and out of the way when cleaning/working inside the coop. Just be sure the top rung is far enough away from the wall to prevent the chickens from streaking the wall. (lesson learned, I had to remove the original top rung from the ladder assembly)

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