Rosambro /Rosssambro birds form Mt. Di


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Mar 26, 2008
Orange county NY
Has anyone ordered meat birds from Mt. Di hatchery recently? I ordered some cornish and some rosambros this summer. I've never had the Rosambro before, and was surprised when a bunch of beautiful, brightly colored chicks arrived. The birds looked like egg layers to me, but Mr. Dibert assured me they were the new batch of Rosambro.

I've had them for just over 7 weeks, and they're been fed pretty much like the cornish. They are supposed to be a little slower growing than the cornish (a couple weeks behind), but they're waayyy slower. They have grown like egg layers. At 7+ weeks, they still fit into my hand, and look like 2.5 week old cornish.

Now, when I should be doing my last processing in a couple weeks, I'm going to be bringing these birds into the barn for the winter as I have no outdoor housing for them.

Has anyone seen these Rosambros in colors before?? Do the regular ones grow really slowly?

I don't say any of this to bash Mt. Di. My experiences with them have generally been positive.
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I have Rosambros/FR from bruceh here, and they are very colorful. They grew slower than CX. I got them July 10, felt like I should have processed last week, but I got called into work Thursday morning and just got home tonight. As a result, we won't get to process until Friday. They are mostly huge. Two pullets are small. But the rest are big.

I have no experience with that hatchery.

A few are white, a few are black and gray striped, a couple white and red, others white and black striped. Very pretty.

I fed turkey grower (24%) to start then switched to 20% meat bird feeds about halfway through.
You must have not gotten Rosambros. I just processed mine the other day. They averaged 6-7 lbs. One was 10 lbs. The smallest was 4.75. We ended up processing at 12 weeks, and we agreed that was too long.

Wonder what they sent you. What a bummer. :(

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