Rose comb ALWAYS dominant?

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    Hey everyone a while back I hatched out a OEGB x silkie chick. He turned out to be a roo and he has light skin and a rose comb. I was wondering if I bred him to an OEGB hen, and kept breeding the offspring back to OEGBs if I could eventually produce some rose comb OEGB? Should any straight combs pop up, or should I always get rosecomb?
    Heres a pic of him when he was younger..
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    Always and never are two words that should seldom be used... Even in genetics. Especially when you've mixed things up. I think just like when breeding to standard, hatch a bunch and work with the best of the lot. Sounds like an interesting project.
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    First, I don't think that's a rose comb, it appears to be walnut, though probably modified a bit because its carrying a copy for single comb from its OEG parent.

    Second, you may be confusing how dominate/recessive works. Getting one copy of a dominate gene, like that of the dominate walnut comb of Silkies, means the offspring from a single combed OEG with the recessive single comb should all be walnut combed, but carrying a copy for single combs. When one of those is crossed back to an OEG, 50% will be walnut carrying a copy for single, and 50% will be single combed.
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    Sep 10, 2010
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    Quote:Also [​IMG]
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    me to [​IMG]
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    Either the OEGB or the Silkie was not pure for comb type .
    Single comb (OEGB) + Walnut comb (Silkie) = Walnut comb not Rose comb.


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