Rose Comb RIR wanted

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  1. billruble20002000

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    Jul 12, 2008
    I'd like to find a rose comb rir rooster. I have several young ones but they are all related to the hens I have. Prefer to trace but would purchase if needed.

  2. I have a beautiful RIR roo, only problem he has to be the alpha over EVERYTHING except me. he runs my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren,he even runs my 70 lb pitt back in the house if she is where he can see her, Hate to shoot him, but looks like I am going to have to, I live close to liberty tn and if your near enough you can have him, rather give him away than shoot him for soup. [​IMG] marrie would you have a roo to trade?
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  3. jmhappycowboy

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    Dec 13, 2007
    Philadelphia, MS
    I have 2 young Rose Comb RIR and I think both of them are roosters they are about 3 weeks old now. Where are you located
  4. south middle tenn. Longggggggggggg way from you marrie

    He sure made lousy chicken & dumplings, I knew he was a tough old bird,
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