Rosecomb Pullet Show Critique ?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by Jacklynn, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Yes, her tail feathers are damaged & broken, I'm waiting for her to moult them out.

    She's still a pullet, not sure on her exact birthdate though. I just got her.

    If I were to show her, with new tail feathers of course, how would she do?

    I love structural comments ! Honesty is key, my feelings won't be hurt ! [​IMG]
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    She's obviously way out of condition. Beyond that her most obvious flaw is her earlobes. The lobe on a Rosecomb should be round and hers are more of a half circle. Are you sure she's a pullet? She looks more like an older bird to me.
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    Jan 8, 2011
    Shes needs to be red in the face, one reason i agree with the other person, i think she is older, lay enough eggs they lose the red, her comb is also very small, and not sure i see the point coming off of it too well, and i know her condition is bad, but from what i can see, her tail does not seem to have the right shape to it, it looks arched, it shouldn't, but we need more pics-and what color are her legs? Oh, one more thing, (sorry its the my specialty breed), her beak is very short or just drops down rather dramatically-where did you get her?
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    Thanks everyone, I'm 100 percent sure she's a pullet. I'm waiting for the breeder to respond to me about her birthdate. Could the cold affect the color of her comb ? This pic was taken on a cellphone too. So that doesn't really help quality wise.
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    One thing you need to work on is face coloring, it is very bleeched out and for a pullet this is a big no no in exhibition birds! Over all she looks nice [​IMG]
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    Briarpatchfarms - thank you very much ! [​IMG] I'm new to chickens, aswell as showing. All of my new Rosecombs have a washed out colored comb. Well except the rooster, his is bright red. [​IMG]

    All of my Rosecombs are out of condition, they are slowly coming back in thank goodness. [​IMG] I'll try to get some batteries for the camera and get better pics.

    Thank you ! Every but of advice is helpful.
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    One more thing, the breeder I got her from had some very nice birds. He also shows and does very well. He told me that young birds earlobes will slowly develop into circles. He said you want to look for young birds with a nice round semi circle and they will develop into a whole circle. Is this true ?
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    don't know about the earlobes, but if she is a pullet as opposed to an adult hen, that could account for the paleness in the face. she's cute, regardless!
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    BigDaddy'sGurl :

    don't know about the earlobes, but if she is a pullet as opposed to an adult hen, that could account for the paleness in the face. she's cute, regardless!

    Thank you ! [​IMG] I hope her face gets redder as she ages than ! [​IMG]

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