Roses are Finally Blooming Here (pics)

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    I have some old fashioned multiflora, shrub and climbing roses here. Most of them on the fence are from cuttings from my grandparents' farm, long ago sold off. Most of these only bloom once a year and that's the end. [​IMG] I wish I lived where they would grow better, a place with a bit more sun. Hard to grow roses in the mountains. Anyone want to buy a mini-farm on over 5 acres in the mtns, complete with chicken coops, garden spots, berries and fruit trees? [​IMG]


    Below is Reines de Violettes. Omigosh, the smell is heavenly and it reminds me of the imitation roses we used to make with kleenex back in elementary school, if any of you recall doing that, the ones that were thick with many layers.


    My scentless Mock Orange was here when we moved here. Wish it was the regular scented kind.


    Latest iris to bloom here:
  2. gritsar

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    Very pretty Cyn! [​IMG]
    I have one not-so-happy rose bush in the yard. The dogs insist on eating it, so it struggles to grow but does have some buds. There are some wild roses blooming in the woods.
    We are struggling to work on Charlie's garden. I hope to plant her dogwood in the next couple of days.
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    Aug 11, 2009
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    LOVED the pictures of your roses. We have a few wild-type roses growing here. I know they have a short season, but I love them anyway; I appreciate them since they're not with us for long. I grew hybrid tea roses in SC, but haven't tried them yet here in Tennessee. I did put in a Knock-out rose, which is all anyone here seems to sell, and one called a drift rose which is supposedly a ground cover. Have two climbing Blaze roses on a fence out by the field, and so far (knock on wood) the deer haven't developed a taste for them. Hope that continues. Anyway, thanks for the pictures.
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    Apr 14, 2010
    Love your flowers!! Gorgeous...I would LOVE to live in the mountains..How close are you to Gainesville GA? My dear friend lives there!
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    I love your Reines de Violettes! Stunning! [​IMG]
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    Very pretty. I would love to live in the mountains.
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    Nov 2, 2008
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    Cyn, Your flowers are just gorgeous!

    Do you know what these are called? I planted 3 plants 2 years ago, and I can not remember what they are called. It was rainy and wet, so these do look droopy, which they are not usually. These are at the back of my house, and attract lots of hummingbirds.


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