Rosie the hamburg's adventure or....don't give up on your runaways!


11 Years
May 9, 2008
Clarkesville, GA
So for those of you who might not know, Rosie, our silver spangled hamburg had a very bad day last fall. Our roo had demolished her tail feathers and would not give her any rest. We didn't clip her so she could roost in her tree to have a little santuary.

Well, on top of it all...the cat started chasing her and she disappeared. She did not come home. Winter came, bitter here, but it is mild compared to some of you. I had to send my girls away while we moved the coop (long story, fight with City) and only recently got all the girls back and set up again.

So yesterday, I was checking feed and water and heard a noise behind me........

yep, it was our girl Rosie! She looked great. I have her in with the babies until we get her clipped.

She has been gone since early November, so over 4 months. I know others have had "missing" or runaways so I wanted to let you know that you just can''t tell. One day, they may come home!
What is it with these Hamburgs? A couple of months ago my Silver Spangled Hamburg pullet didn't make it back to the coop before it got too dark for her, and spent the night outside. It worried me quite a bit, but I couldn't find any feathers or sign of commotion. My DH wasn't terribly sympathetic, but he was the one who went down to the coop early the next morning, and came back to tell me that there was a very distressed bird anxious to get back in with her sisters. She has always been the one least likely to come when called - though she is much better about that now, since her "adventure".

ETA: I'm glad yours found her way home. I would be beside myself if mine disappeared for 4 months!
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