Ross Chickens


12 Years
Aug 22, 2007
Iredell County, NC
A friend of mine told me about a chicken called a Ross chicken. He says they're large, really large meat/laying birds. I've never heard of a chicken called a Ross. So, here I am...I know if anyone knows about this chicken, someone here will. I've searched the web, but really have not found a whole lot of information...Can anyone help?
I don't know if this will be new info for you but Ross Chickens are from Aviagen.
Here is a link to their website page on the Ross chicken.
The males are suppose to be great meat birds while the hens are great layers.
Thanks for the information, Josie. I found some info, but most of it was sort of vague. Now I'm wondering just where you could get some of these. My friend that told me about them is from SC, so I think I'll quiz him some more.

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