Ross In The Garden


10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place, but I wanted to share Ross with all of you. He's become kind of a St. Mary's County Maryland landmark. He lives in a little garden about 5 miles from me. We love to drive by and see what this "scarecrow" is up to and everyone is real disappointed when Harvest time is over and he's put up for the winter. He's the coolest scarecrow ever. And notice the song the video is set to.
Love it.

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u live near st. mary's!!!!!????!?!?! we live in chespeake bch.!!!! are u going to the meeting? its near the world gym and the petstore, I don't know much about it, its to talk about chickens, I think byc made it, its on a thursday, I have to talk to my dad about it thou. cool video
Well Hi Neighbor. Yeah. I'm in St. Mary's. Great Mills. I didn't know about the meeting, but thats probably because I only have ducks. No chickens.
Oh Calvert County isn't too far. But I only have ducks. Is it strictly chicken people? We need to get some poultry people together in St. Mary's. I wanted to get over to the poultry building at the St. Mary's County Fair, but even though I worked at the fair all weekend, we were so busy I never had a chance to get over there.

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