Roswell Ohio Outlawing Chickens

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    My young niece, Devlin, who is only 5 years old is the proud owner of a pair of ducks and four chickens she purchased from Tractor Supply. She has raised them and been their primary caretaker since Easter and done a wonderful job. She calls me regularly to ask me questions and give me updates on them since I live in SE Louisiana. She has seen photos of my chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese and tells me she is a chicken girl like "Aunt Rahrah".

    I am the show secretary for the Gulf South Fall Classic in Baton Rouge Louisiana this November, so am a certifiable chicken lady. I did not grow up with chickens, although I was in 4-H in a rural area, our town did not allow them within city limits. Now, I have 160 of them, and can't imagine life without them. My mother and nephew always show Devlin photos I post on Facebook of my birds and she thinks all things poultry and waterfowl are beautiful and loves them all.She even begged grandma for a pair of bib overalls on her last birthday so she could be a real farmer.

    Here is a photo of her with one of her Production Red hens.


    Now, the city council of their mainly rural area, has decided to rework their "city" ordinance and disallow any and all farm animals, including chickens. Most residents in this very small town have large lots and my sister's family has around 3 acres: Homes are not close and their are wooded areas all around. If this is allowed to be put into effect, Devlin, along with everyone else within the city limits will have to get rid of their banned animals or face a fine.

    Here is a copy of the minutes from the recent council meeting that were published in the local Ohio paper where she lives:

    "KEY ACTION Council members agreed to rework an old ordinance that will prevent any and all farm animals from being kept inside the village corporation limits.

    DISCUSSION Mayor Mitch Belknap said he felt there should be no exceptions, including those wanting to keep animals for 4-H projects. The ordinance will ban even the smallest of animals, such as chickens, ducks and goats. Mayor Belknap said Solicitor Doug Jackson will have to be contacted to draw up the paperwork and that the ordinance would be given three readings so that residents have time to get rid of their animals. A penalty will be enforced for those who have farm animals and are not in compliance.


    I have started a petition on that will be sent to the mayor and city council in Roswell, which is just outside of Dover and New Philadelphia, Ohio. Here is a link to the petition:

    A "chicken" friend of mine from Oregon sent me a link to the Salem Chickens webpage with some great legal resources that I will adjust to fit the situation. If anyone is in the area, please let me know: Anywhere from Sugarcreek to Canton is within 30 minutes of the area. Having a large group show up to the next couple of council meetings would speak much louder than one mother, a child, and a grandparent. I live 1,000 miles away in SE Louisiana, so my efforts will mainly be online and by mail.

    Even if you aren't local and can't help that way, please sign the petition and share it. I am on Facebook as Rhonda Scarlott Silva and it is on my page: Send me a friend request and share the petition there. It is my hope to get enough signatures that the local paper will take notice and do a small write-up about the story: We all know that elected officials dread bad press.

    Thanks to everyone for your help!

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