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    Feb 3, 2014
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    My Brother and I running several gardens on different pieces of property my family and I own. Two years ago my brother decided to get chickens to help with composting and get eggs. Are grandparents were chicken farmers from the 1930s up in till the 1970's when they moved to Missouri, so we knew a little bit about raising chickens. We have two different coops and runs on both sides of town to help with the gardens. Total 24 chickens Rode Island Reds, Eastereggers, New Hampshire Red, and White Leghorns.

    We are not a farm. We don't sell anything... some trading but mostly just for are ever growing family! I recently started up a bee hive on my lot, which was amazing for the garden. So in the spring i will be doing two more hives on two other lots. Hopefully improving the other gardens.

    We grow different things in each garden, constantly disagreeing on gardening methods, tools, techniques, but all agreed on the chickens! Couldn't be happier with them and now the lack of garden waste and abundance of chicken waste for composting!


    Everyone loves to help out with the chickens and gather eggs. Really enjoying have the chickens!
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    Nov 7, 2012
    Thanks for sharing such a nice story and pics.
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    Love it! I'm so jealous of your gardens! School doesn't leave me a whole lot of time for that lately!

    I love that the little ones get to help out. What a great learning experience for them! I miss having chickens also. I'm always sad when I have to throw out scraps while I'm at my apartment. I'm so used to saving things for the birds when I'm home!
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    Very nice.

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