rotten egg in my eye!


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Mar 29, 2008
Riverside/Norco, CA
YUK! my count was off on the eggs i removed from an old nest that didn't hatch, and my eggs I collected to use... I put on a pot of water to boil and started tapping the eggs one by one with the back of a butter knife so they wouldn't stick to the shell and one exploded in my face. FOUND IT!!! (GAG!) Anyhow, a splosh of that heinous potion went in my eye. Am I gonna die or go blind? Just kidding, but seriously... Should I take some sort of antibiotic or just blow it off and suck it up and try to forget about it? Whew, HOWDY!!! I will NEVER lose count of which basket is which again!
You poor thing. I would at least rinse my eye with drops or something.
Oh poor YOU! I'd think a good rinse is probably all you'll need. If it goes pink tomorrow you'll probably need some kind of eye med but in most cases that kind of thing doesn't do anything other than gross you out and I've gotten worse stuff in my eyes.
eeeeeew! You poor thing!

I haven't gotten worse in my eye, but in my mouth, yes. I learned when you go flying over the horse's head, don't scream.. close your eyes AND your mouth before you get planted in the "dirt"

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