Rotten egg under broody help!!!!


7 Years
Feb 15, 2012
So I couldn't help but candle the eggs tonight (day 11) just to see what is going on. This is my first ever hatching and I've never had a broody. Anyway, there were 12 eggs that seemed to be developing pretty well, dark masses in all of them, air sacs. I couldn't see any movement, but didn't want them out too long. Two eggs were bad, one was empty and the other was cracked. The smell was horrible. I am a little worried that the other eggs have been affected by this horribleness. I was out of town and this is the first I've seen her. The person taking care of my hens did mention that it has smelled pretty bad in the coop for a couple of days. I did not see any goop on the rest of the eggs. Any thoughts on this? Thanks so much!! I was thinking of just letting her sit and not candle again until the hatch. Is this ok to do? I also found a really porous egg, but it has a black mass in it, so I put it under her. Will this one explode? Thanks for all of your help!!
If you can keep the eggs from getting chilled while you candle? I would candle them again in a few days. Your broody probably kicked the bad eggs out so, the other developing eggs should be fine. Good Luck
with your hatch.
Thanks. I feel like I haven't the slightest clue in what I am looking for. I figured that if I see a dark mass, we are on the right track! She seems like a good mom, even though everyone says BR's have motherhood bred out of them! Her belly is bare, she clucks so sweetly, and when I was taking the eggs out, she just watched without getting angry!
When the eggs develop to about day 14-18 it is sometimes easier to see the small movement from the chick inside. You can take a pencil and slowly rotate and draw the outline of the air sack on the egg - then you can compare if they are developing OK. Good Luck with your BR broody. I just got 18 Br's this spring - they are so friendly, sweet and inquisitive.
Was it green? That smell could empty a room in now time!
The egg was dented and cracked. I was to CHICKEN to open it up!!
Should I worry about the other eggs? Do I need to replace her nest with new straw?
If the straw got dirty. If it gets on the eggs it could make them go off. Hopefully it didn't!
I keep decoy eggs in the nest boxes. You know, eggs that went off. It seems to encourage broodiness and the hens like sitting on them when they lay. Some time ago one off the hens broke one of those eggs. And ate it!!! I was so disgusted with her! And the coop smelled for days, even after I cleaned up.
I just went in, gave her fresh straw and took all the eggs out, inspected them and built her nest up with new hay. She seemed appreciative! The smell isn't as strong as last night so I'm hoping it wasn't too bad!
I was going to recommend you wait till she goes for food or drink, then quickly change her nesting material and replace the eggs before she returns.

Also now you don't really need to keep checking the eggs. I would just let her get on with it and see what hatches at the end of the incubation period. I have never candles any eggs, and not had any problems (although it must be interesting to some people to see).

Good luck with you hatch!

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