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    Jan 27, 2009
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    I went to turn my eggs like five minuets ago and smelt a horrible fishy smell so I smelt my sister and then was like its an egg. So thinking about my sister named meg being an egg it made me think a little more. Hmm. Lets go to the bator. An egg that was totally fine last night had a crack today, and smelt, along with my sister, like a fish. My quiestion is should I give her deoderant? And my other question is was the egg about to explode, and if so how would I handle it after it exploded? Just for future referance. Thanks, -Jay
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    Give your sister a nice gift of some aluminum-free all natural deodorant with tea tree oil. As for the egg, an exploded egg in the bator would be horrible. The nasty bacteria could get all over the other eggs and into the shells of the other ones. This is why you need to CANDLE the eggs to get rid of the rotten ones. [​IMG]
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    Get rid of it! Put it into a ziploc bag, seal it, then put it in the trashcan...OUTSIDE.

    Asploded egg is disgusting...the smell literally burns your nose hairs...
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    Dec 1, 2008
    So... in a 21-day schedule, on or about what day would an egg start smelling rotten? I've got normal-smelling eggs, day 12, candling with my Mag Light LED shows dark masses and some veining in all my Red Star sex-links.
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    Quote:Mine are around day 14. And Ive only had that one rott so I would say around day13. I dont know exactly. Goodluck, -Jay

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