Rouen Drake Coloring {I POSTED PICS}


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May 19, 2011
I have two rouen drakes that have some differences in color and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if one was more desirable then the other for breeding purposes or if it even makes a difference. The larger male is solid grey on his underside and the smaller male has grey towards the front and then bright white in the back. Both their rings on their necks are broken towards the back. Also two of my adult females have partial rings on their necks. Any thoughts????
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As much as words can describe it, I think pictures would help
It's easier to judge them by looking rather than trying to imagine what they look like
Do you have pictures? I have a Rouen Drake and Hen also there is my Rouen big baby "Lucky Ducky" He is 11 weeks old. Oops..I also have 12 Rouen Ducklings that are 3 days old. ~Julie~
This is the 11 week old, His name is Lucky Ducky.
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1243duck- your ducks are beautiful. Your drake is VERY handsome. My two have been fighting so that's why I was considering shipping one of them with one of their mates or............. buying more females
wow...i thought females DIDN'T have white ring on neck. yikes... maybe my lucky ducky isn't so lucky and is BOTH a drake & hen. lmao I really don't know if color makes 1 better than the other for breeding I don't see why it would in my opinion. I Have Rouen babies but only 3 days old, can't tell anything now, that i know of. but the 11 week old is ALL Rouen but i hatched him in incubator & he still is doing a feather change i thought it was going to be a female at 1st cuz of coloring/no signs of color on top of head. just same color beak as the daddy/drake. his feet are orange and the 3 day old babies have jet black legs and feet and their beaks all but 3 of them (9out of 12).
yes the drake is very possesive, he likes to be the stud. lol when i got my other drake which is a Golden Cascade to go with the female GC I put them all together and seemed fine for a while till i seen the drake started fighting/chasing the GC drake and the GC drake was only trying to breed with the female GC. mostly drake GC likes to stalk the chickens on the other side of the fence. lol now i have Rouens & GC ducks in different areas, they can only see each other through the fence. since my Rouen hen had her babies i once again had to move the drake cuz he grabbed a 1 day old baby by its head and was shaking it......grrrr brat duck. but he matches/goes with the hen lol dont wanna break up the pair.
My two boys are total sibling rivalry! At first the little more colorful drake was whoopin on the bigger drake and plucked feathers out of his side and chest. So I separated the big one off. Now that the weather is nice and they can run the pasture I thought that the territory was big enough for the two of them. However, they are starting to attack one another while breeding the females. I don't want any of them to get injured or drown so its off with one or more females so maybe the girls will keep them too busy or tired enough they might not want to bicker with each other
You like the messy pool lol it was emptied and cleaned real good just the day before the picture was taken.. they are messy mostly i noticed it stays cleaner with just the drake in the pool. It a STEP 2 pool i think i'll check the brand again and let you know. *Thank you ducksngoatsgalore, your ducks are beautiful also. there cool ducks my 11 week old is the best. i can pick him up hes VERY friendly, follows me around. thats b/c i hatched him though. ~Julie~

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