Rouen Drake not being nice to her..

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    Hello All!

    I have 5 Rouen ducks that are 5 1/2 months old now, I raised them since they were 2 days old (ordered from Ideal). Four hens and one drake. They have been living in our pond for about 3 months now and boy do they love it! [​IMG]

    I have noticed the drake seems to try and nip at one of the hens all the time, when they come to our backporch for treats he does it and when I throw treats into the water from the dock same thing. When their all just swimming she stays on the other side of one of the other girls but if she is near him he'll slowly swim at her to get her to move. She tries to avoid any closeness to him. He doesn't get violently aggressive with her but it's like he doesn't want her near him for some reason. And it's always the same hen he isn't like that with the other girls. He acts like that to her everytime I see them even when there are no treats involved. He doesn't seek her out it's just when she is too close to him.

    Why do you think he is acting that way with just her? Any ideas?

    I just took these pics today.....

    ** In this pic she is in the very front ***

    ** This one she is trying to quickly swim behind him ***

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