Rouen Drake Seeking New Pond

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    My name is Waddles and I am a 5 month old Rouen duck drake. Sadly, the pond where I live does not have enough lady ducks to keep me happy so I am seeking a new pond for myself.

    My current food people raised me since I was only 3 days out of my egg and take good care of me. However, they do not like me roughing up the Runner Duck drake who is keeping one of the lovely runner ladies all to himself. So, they told me I needed to fly the coop and find a new one.

    If anybody has a spot in their coop and a pond in need of a strapping young drake.....please drop me a line; I would love to hear from you.



    P.S. from his food person***

    Price negotiable to right home.
    I am not equipped for shipping live birds, so local pickup only. Will meet people within a reasonable distance. Will consider trades for a female duck, or other poultry.

    I also listed him on Craigslist, but am very hopeful that a fellow BYC'er in my area my need a handsome drake: I know he would be well cared for by anyone on this board. We do not have room for additional ducks at this time,so cannot get enough ducks to make 3 drakes happy. Our other Rouen is much nicer to the Runner Drake, so decided this would be the best route.

    Thanks and have a great day.

    He is on the right in this photo.....
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