Rouen duck sex?


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Mar 22, 2017
my Rouen is about 8-9 weeks old. I tried sexing it and I've never done it but thought I got a female. She has a glimmer of green in her dark spot on her head but other than that is still the brown with just the tad of green on her wing. Is it normal for a female to have a glimmer of green still or is it a he? And eventually will be all green? IOU can only see the glimmer in the sun. I can get a better picture if I need to!


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Have you tried flipping it onto its back when your holding it?.That really gets them talking.
I didn't! I'll try that. I got it from my local feed store. I was always told mallards have a toe clipped and all this ones are in tact... I'll post its baby pic too!


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My mallard didn't have a toe clipped.She/He looks really small.If you see green sheen on there head that usually means that there a male.All of mine the had a green sheen were males.

Edit- Just looked at picture.She doesn't have a two full stripes under her eyes.Which makes me lean towards a mallard more.Have you voice sexed her/he?
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