rouen just laid her first egg, how long should i wait

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by shannong139, Nov 6, 2014.

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    Before taking the egg from her, and how long should i wait to try consuming it/ how long will it be good unrefridgerated? I've been reading some on the subject and learned not to clean it till I'm about to eat it due to bloom and vacuum, but not sure how long it will be good for our how soon I should be able to eat it... Thanks!
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    We leave our hens alone until they leave the nest, depending on the hen that is anywhere between 5min and 2 hours. We often eat eggs that have been left unwashed at room temp for a few days. I belive you can go longer if you wish, for more info on the subject look up egg practices in Europe where eggs are rarely washed and refrigerated. Also you can eat the egg as soon as you collect it.

    Congrats on her first egg it is always so exciting.

    This is our practice for chicken eggs but I would think it would be the same for a duck.
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