Rouens as Pets?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Pyxis, Apr 5, 2012.

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    Hi everyone, just a quick question about rouens. I currently have two very friendly 8 week old pekin ducklings, pictured in my avatar at about two weeks old. I love them to death, and they are very friendly. I originally got them as company for my male rouen drake, as his companion mysteriously died one night, although he was rather old, so I wasn't surprised. My drake actually stole him from someone, no idea who, after his original companion disappeared one day.

    Anyway, he was given to me by my aunt, along with his original friend, because I wanted pet ducks. He himself wasn't handled much as a duckling, and is a little skittish of people, and prefers to stay at least three feet away at all times. Well, my two ducklings are quacking up a storm, and it seems one is male and one is female. So, I was thinking that I'd get a female rouen, so that the numbers are even and my poor girl Peanut doesn't have two males after her all the time. But, because I keep them as pets and not for eggs, I want a friendly duck. Is my drake typical of rouens, or would a rouen raised by herself by me be as friendly as my two pekins? I know friendliness can vary by breed, so I was just curious.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my unnecessarily long post :rolleyes: I really need to learn how to shorten these things up :p

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    I've had Rouens, and they have wonderful personalities! Our duck Molly loved the dog so much, that when I was babysitting at the front house I would take my dog with me and put him in the backyard. Molly and the dog were inseparable. She would wait outside the fence all day until the dog and I got done. One day she took off out into the street after a neighbors chicken and sadly got hit by a car. I just got 2 more babies (one is a tufted Rouen!) they will be penned up. I loved my little Molly so much. Such a great personality! Good luck! I will put a picture of Molly up. By the way she always hung out with our chickens!
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    I have a mated pair of Rouens but I am very partial to the little female. She is quite friendly and lets me pick her up and give her cuddles. She will rest her head on my shoulder. I think they make great pets!

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