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    I have recently acquired a BO roo, about 5 months old. He's massive. He's quite easily double the size of my hens.

    I have a mixed flock of RIR, EE, BA, and Red Star hens and pullets. The problem is that he is so rough. Our past roosters dropped the wing, did the dance, this guy grabs them by their neck feathers and forces them down. I witnessed it through the kitchen window today and since then, I've seen him do it repeatedly.

    Now, he's only been with us a few weeks. I know he's young, but will this change? I can't have him tearing up my girls. I noticed a lot of feathers around, but thought it was the moult.

    I'm not so sure now.

    Ideas? Advice??

  2. teach1rusl

    teach1rusl Love My Chickens's because he's young in this case (most likely). So he could grow out of it (although it'll be a long while) or not. Some roosters are just rough with hens. You could get your girls some chicken saddles until he learns manners. If after a few months he hasn't learned courtesy with the girls, he'd be outta' there if he was at my place. His size alone could damage a girl if he's jumping on top of them...
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