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    I think I know what you are going to recommend, but I want to be sure there is no other alternative.

    My 1 1/2 year old RIR rooster is extremely rough with his hens. His favorites are completely bald on top. Some are also naked on the backs of their heads where he grabs them when he mounts. Fortunately they are nice to each other and there has been no pecking (so far). He has 11 hens and they roam freely. He came accidently in a batch of pullets (oops). He takes good care of his girls, and I was hoping for chicks, but, unfortunately, none of the hens are interested in brooding.


    Lately he has also started to go after me. At first it was just when I picked up a hen and she started squawking, but twice now he has attacked me for no obvious reason when my back was turned. Suggestions?
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    If you were thinking freezer camp, I'd say no. If you were thinking saddles, I'd say yes. There's even a thread on here somewhere about how to make your own out of duct tape.

    eta: just saw the part about him attacking you for no reason. Forget the saddles, send him to freezer camp if he can not be tamed.
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