Round 2....The Pipping begins....Weeeeeee

Layin Eggs

12 Years
Nov 4, 2007
South Eastern, MA
We are on round 2 of a scattered hatch. For those of you who remember my Buff Orpington eggs that arrived totally demolished. I managed to hatch 1 from the first batch. The lady was nice enough to send a second batch which arrived a week later. Of the 12 new eggs she sent. We tossed 3 due to pretty large cracks that were not noticed until first candling.
So we now have 9 BO eggs in the hatcher due today or tomorrow. I had also added 2 more of my EE eggs at the same time. Well wouldn't you know it. Both EE have started to pip. (day 20)

I really hope that I get at least half of the buffs hatched this time...and please oh please all be pullets

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