round robin swap trading silkies, need marans,favs,wyandottes

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    May 5, 2007
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    I am looking for 1 more person to participate in a round robin swap.
    we would each be trading 6-8 eggs (if you want 8 eggs, you need to be able to send 8 eggs).everyone pays their own shipping.

    I will be sending 8 guinea eggs to player number 1(luvmysilkies ). player number 1 will be sending 8 silkie eggs to player #2 (this will be you if you chose to play) and player #2 will send 8 hatching eggs to me.
    We just need to find who wants to be player #2 . you will get the silkie eggs and send me 8 eggs from the breeds I want- purebreeds only.

    I am wanting to hatch:
    marans- cuckoo, wheaton, blue
    salmon favorelles
    wyandottes with good shape- color does not matter.

    pm me if you want to play.

    I hope I explained this well.
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