Round worms?

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    Greetings, and Happy Fourth!

    My flock has been having pale-ish combs for a while now and I found some round worms in some poop. I went to the co-op and (after much research here) got some Wazine, which I treated them with a week ago.

    Today, I noticed another tiny round worm in more poop.

    Since it's been a week, shouldn't there be no more worms? My plan was to treat with ivermectin in another week, but now I am afraid to treat with it because of what I have read about the broad spectrum wormer creating an overload of dead worms and causing the chickens to get sick and/or die.

    Do you have any recommendations? Should I treat again with Wazine? Do I need to wait another week? Would it hurt to treat with Wazine now and wait two more weeks for the ivermectin?

    Also, how long after successful treatment should color return to their combs?

    Thanks for your help!!!!


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    Actually it's smaller than the initial worms? If so, it might be the next generation growing. I think I'd go ahead with the Ivermectin. Ivermectin won't kill every type of parasite so eventually you might want to do Valbazan to get the tapes. It won't hurt to do another round of Wazine but I'd just as soon get on with it (assuming all had access to the Wazine before). I bet within an hour of giving them the Ivermectin you'll see healthy cherry red combs. Now that's a happy chicken! [​IMG]
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    I agree with chkn, the next generation. That's one of the reasons you have to reworm at least 10-14 days after the initial worming. I recommend using valbazen or safeguard as well, but if you already have ivermectin, go ahead and use it on the 10th day. keep in mind there is a 14 day withdrawal for wazine, ivermectin, valbazen and safeguard.

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