Rounded eggs = baby hens???


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Aug 3, 2009
I was told many years ago by an old farmer who raised all his own livestock and food that when you are choosing eggs to set, you should always choose the ones that are more rounded, because the round eggs are pullets.

He always had an abnormally high ratio of pullets hatch, and when we have folloed his advice, we too have gotten a high ratio of pullets. I am going to get an incubator soon, and will then be able to REALLY put his theory to the test. (The last time I set eggs to hatch (a couple of years ago), I put 10 eggs under a hen and chose 6 rounded eggs and then 4 that were less round. 9 babies hatched out, one egg didn't pip, and 6 of those resulting babies were hens. I didn't pay attention to who came from what egg, or what egg died, so it was NOT a scientific study for sure.)

I recently learned that it is the HEN who determines the gender of the babies, so this is starting to sound like it COULd be true....

Have any of y'all heard anything like this?
Wiki is good. But be aware that a lot of information on there is added by random people. Not by experts. You should have seen a wiki page I found on ferrets one time. It said all kinds of off the wall stuff, because I random person wrote it
So how many "tests" would it take to "prove" this theory? lol I am going to do a few tests, including using ONLY pointy eggs, ONLY round eggs, etc.... And I intend to keep GOOD records with pics.
Yes, totally agree on that, that's why I said it's a quote from Wiki.
Anyway, this looks to good to be truth, if so why didn't all the hatcheries of laying hens wouldn't use this method and reduce the massive killing of the day old male chicks? They say 50% are males, on nowadays hatching standards.

Reality but, shocking video:
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Not too surprising... the sperm that make girl human babies looks different than the sperm that make boy babies. I believe the boy sperm are pointier...? That is how they do the sperm sorting for folks who are wanting to increase the chance of having a certain gender child (for genetic or family balancing reasons). I'll have to remember this in case we ever do want to multiply our flock by ourselves (and get/borrow a rooster of course).

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