Roundworm eggs - thermal death point for cooking (raccoon eggs)

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    I have seen a few posts on internet and BYC regarding roundworms actually inside chicken eggs. Even pictures of this happening, but it is a rare occurrence according to what I have read.

    So I started thinking that since a roundworm can lay 240,000 eggs a day, maybe there are roundworm eggs in our breakfast eggs. Consuming roundworm eggs is a problem.

    This greatly concerned me and I endeavored to find the correct INTERNAL temperature to cook our eggs to (not the cooking temperature), as my chickens have recently been treated for roundworms. The roundworms will recur most definitely, as they are in the soil.

    I wanted to know the thermal death point temperature for them. It turns out that I couldn't find the thermal death point for the chicken roundworm egg, but it was available for the raccoon roundworm egg. The authors specifically mentioned if you notice in the below article, that

    "These preliminary findings indicate that B. procyonis eggs have a thermal death point, ............. very similar to the thermal death point of Ascaris lumbricoides and A. suum (9)."

    (the above is from the following website:)
    Here is information on raccoon roundworm egg thermal death temperatures:

    I would be greatly interested to know if anyone knows the thermal death point for the chicken roundworm and other worms chickens get. The A. lumbricoides is human roundworm and the A. suum is swine roundworm - according to some websites I googled.
    Here are the government's recommendations for cooking eggs.

    Here is a Fahrenheit to celcius calculator:
    62C= 143.6F according to it
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